SuperHOT VR Review

March 9, 2019

Superhot VR

Superhot. It's super Ok, the name doesn't make any sense but it really is a great game. I don't really know much about it other than when I play I feel like a superhero gunslinger and sometimes forget I'm actually just wearing a VR mask in my living room. It is easily one of the coolest games I've ever played, and was the reason I decided to get a PS VR.

In the game, you are in a weird, white-colored world, kind of like if Apple got to design the world. And there are faceless red bad guys trying to kill you. Time only moves when you move, so if a red guy shoots a gun at you, if you move slowly, you can see the bullet whiz by you as you dodge out of the way. You can shoot and punch the bad guys too, and it feels so real.

Superhot gameplay


You use the PS Move controllers in Superhot. They may look like weird wands in real-life, but in Superhot, they become your hands, and they look so real. You can move and twist them, grabbing, punching, and throwing. It adds to the realism. You don't really walk around in the game, but you do move all around. You'll be crouching and side-stepping to dodge bullets, punching bad guys and aiming your guns. A lot of the PS VR games make me feel motionsick, but not Superhot, because you only move in the game as you move in real life. This is probably why the game feels so real as well.


PS VR games seem to have poor graphics, especially compared to a standard PS4 game. But Superhot's weird, white colored world is simple enough that you don't really notice the graphics. On the other hand, a lot of detail is put into each level. Glass windows break, bottles break, arcade machines make noises. There isn't really any music that I can remember, but the sound effects are good. It is just right.


Overall, Superhot VR is excellent and I recommend it to anyone with a PS VR. It is like a glimpse into the future of gaming, where you actually feel like you are in the game world fighting bad guys. The only drawback is that it is too short, at only 20-30 levels.

Other Ideas

Superhot is so fun and has a great formula for VR. A Star Wars version would be so cool. Picture this, instead of Superhot, you are a Jedi with a lightsaber. You are "stationary" in each level like Superhot where you don't walk around, but can move. You could whack bad guys and deflect laser blasts with your lightsaber. And a Jedi's use of the force and awesome reflexes would make the time-slowing feature of Superhot fit in perfectly. Another cool game would be a wild-west gunfighter game. Like in Superhot, the gunfighters would be stationary (like a showdown in a western movie). Or, you could blast bad guys up and down the wild west as tumbleweeds blow through town. And Red Dead Redemption's "slowdown" mode has already shown that time slowing makes for some super cool western gunfights.