Player Unknown Battlegrounds Review

April 5, 2018

I just finished a game of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. If you don't know about the game, here is how it went. It's basically a Hunger Games scenario, I was in an airplane with 99 other players. We were all parachuting onto an island with nothing, then we quickly scavenge whatever supplies we can find, and then we have to survive or kill each other. Last man standing wins. I parachuted to my usual spot, the observation tower on top of the military base area. I found a shotgun there, and made my way down into the nearest town. I looted the abandoned buildings for gear and killed a guy. Then I found a car, proceeded to run over two other players, and then hide out in the woods. While there, I killed four more players. There were twenty of us left at this point, and someone finally killed me. What a totally awesome concept for a game.

If you read my Fortnite Review, you already know I think this is an awesome concept for a game. It ticks so many fun boxes:

When my buddy Jake first told me about Player Unknown's Battleground, I almost didn't believe it. It sounded like too many awesome things for a single game. I didn't think it could be done. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see it was real.


Player Unknown's is a multiplayer only game, there is no "story mode". The best way to play though, is to team up with a squad of friends. You can have teams up to four people. Having friends with you as you explore the vast island is a huge relief over playing by yourself. Your friends can watch your back, see stuff you wouldn't, help you find items, and it is just more fun! It is also a very tactical game. If you know some enemies are in a village, you might decide to split up and attack the village from multiple sides and overwhelm them. There are so many fun possibilities.

Quick, Action-packed rounds

My favorite multiplayer games are usually quick. I don't like a long grind, maybe my attention span is too short. But Player Unknown's is the perfect length. I would guess matches usually last between five and thirty minutes, depending on how long you last. Definitely enough time to be absorbed into the game, but short enough that you won't get bored. The playable area shrinks every few minutes, forcing players together, limiting the game, and creating fights as players fight over a limited area.

The Vibe

The vibe of this game is the best part. Knowing there are enemies all over the island is such an exciting feeling. However, the island is seriously huge, so you are unlikely to see someone...for a little while. It is kind of like a zombie scenario. I've always been into Dawn of the Dead, wondering what it would be like and how I would survive if zombies were really all over the place. Even though there are no zombies in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, the feeling is the same. Sometimes you'll be in a small village, and way off in the distance you'll see a motorcycle ride past, or hear gunshots. You think your safe in your cozy little house...but you know you aren't really alone, and any minute, more players could stumble upon your safe zone. It is such an exciting thought! This also makes the game better than Fortnite in my opinion. Unlike in Fortnite, you can't build anything, you are limited to hiding in whatever was already on the island. Player Unknown is much more realistic as well, and it feels that way. Slower paced, and creepier.


Overall, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is awesome. It is one of our new go-to games at a LAN party. More maps have been coming out recently, which has been very cool. It is definitely one of my favorites of 2017 and I hope it continues to be awesome in 2018. Also, I decided to try the new iPhone-app version of the game. I figured it would be a stupid "character-customizer" mini game or something. But it is actually the FULL game! Almost everything is the same, the map, weapons, and even the graphics are almost as good. Of course, you have to play with the terrible touchscreen controls, but it is still fun. I am very impressed.