Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review

July 9, 2018

I used MoviePass last weekend to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. At the end of the previous movie, the dinosaurs have overrun the island and the humans all leave. This set up the next movie perfectly to be called The Lost Park: Jurassic World.....(like how the second movie was The Lost World: Jurassic Park). Sadly, they totally blew it with this sequel.

It could have been awesome. A whole island overrun with dinosaurs, plus the remnants of a high-tech theme park, now a ghost town. I can't think of a better setting. The characters from the last movie, Claire and Owen were memorable, and I was excited to see them back on the island, adventuring through the jungle, Claire sprinting from dinosaurs in her high-heels and forgetting that Owen wasn't his character from Parks and Recreation. Plus, the stupid "Indominus Rex" was gone, so we could finally get back to seeing more real dinosaurs. Instead...we got a movie about dinosaurs locked up in cages taking place in the basement of a mansion.

Seriously, the setting is a basement laboratory, and a futuristic auction hall. What a lame setting for a movie about dinosaurs. Actually, in this movie, the dinosaurs felt like a minor sub-plot. They are only on the island for about 15 minutes, and then are back in the mansion. The main dinosaur in this movie is called "Endoraptor"-another made-up dinosaur, a hybrid mix of some other dinosaurs. It's like the writers were never kids who liked dinosaurs. The first three movies at least had actual dinosaurs in them. Sure, they had some frog DNA, but nobody paid attention to that. Those dinosaurs really lived, and you can see their fossils in museums! And imagine what life was like 65 million years ago. It was exciting. "Endoraptor" on the other hand, is just a made up creature. That would be fine in another movie...but not in Jurassic Park. There are so many awesome dinosaurs to have a starring role, and yet they had to make one up. This was highly disappointing.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had way too many human characters. They did an adequate job. But the bad guys in this movie were the humans. The dinosaurs felt like side-characters. Jurassic Park has a simple, amazing formula. Escape the scary dinosaurs. It is perfect. The Tyranosaurus Rex and Velociraptors are excellent bad guys. Scary, ferocious monsters. There is no need to have bad humans with ideas about using dinosaurs as "weapons". The little girl in the movie did a good job running through the mansion as the Endoraptor chased her. It was scary and suspenseful. Much like a horror movie in some scenes. I appreciated this, but it was just way too far-fetched. The dinosaurs just don't belong in a mansion. The little girl's grandfather character was horrible, he was like a horrible substitute teacher attempting to fill in for John Hammond. The young doctor and "tech guy" characters, while funny, were pretty unnecessary. They had no backstory, and felt like they just got thrown in.

The movie did have an excellent opening scene. I give it credit for that. A group of scared people, trying to get something from the abandoned island quickly. It was suspenseful and had a great vibe. But that was really the only good part of the movie.

Overall, I do not recommend Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom at all. It is a disgrace to the Jurassic Park movies. Made-up dinosaurs, a horrible setting, and bad characters make for a bad movie. Save your money, go back and watch a previous Jurassic Park, or maybe Walking With Dinosaurs instead.