Jeremy Ranch Cross Country Ski Review

John Byers, February 25, 2018

Jeremy Ranch Golf Course/Nordic Center grooms some trails for cross country skiing when there is enough snow. I decided to give them a chance a few weeks ago after a big storm. To get there, exit off I-80 at the Jeremy Ranch exit and turn left to go under the interstate. Turn left again, and take the first exit off the roundabout. You'll see the golf course's clubhouse. They rent skis and sell passes there. They also sell skis and wax them, but I didn't really ask about this when I was there. For being a golf course, they have surprisingly high quality maps of their ski trails, which is especially strange considering the trails are just two loops.

The first trail is directly across the street from the clubhouse. It doesn't seem to get much use. I didn't see anyone else on the trail, and had a hard time seeing where it went, as the fresh snow was beginning to cover the groomed track. It was ok, just an average golf course trail with a few hills, near the interstate. Having the interstate so close doesn't help the vibe, as the traffic is loud. Overall, that trail was adequate. Nothing special, but decent.

The other trail starts down the road a few blocks from the clubhouse, so you need to drive for a minute. This trail is a much longer loop through a different part of the golf course. It is at the bottom of a valley with a stream flowing through it as well. I liked this trail a lot better than the first. It was more popular too, but not crowded. I maybe saw another skier every five minutes. It is slightly hilly, but still very easy. A beginner would have no problem skiing the whole loop. Having the creek flowing next to the trails is cool, and you cross a few bridges over it over the course of the loop. The hills on the sides of the valley make it much quieter than the first trail, and you don't really hear the interstate. The trail is very nice and I would bet that the golf course is nice during the summer too.

Overall, I would recommend the longer Jeremy Ranch Nordic Center for skiing, especially the longer trail near the creek. It is fun, not crowded, and good for beginners. They post updates on The Utah Nordic Alliance's conditions page when they groom the trails. A day pass is $14.