Favorite Video Game Songs

May 2, 2018

These are my favorite songs from video games, in no particular order.

Crash Dash

Game: Crash Bandicoot 2
System: Sony Playstation
Year: 1997

Crash Dash is the song from the levels where Crash is being chased. It is intense, but fun at the same time. It's scary being chased by a boulder or a polar bear, but it is mostly fun, and the song is perfect.

Mayan Adventure Theme

Game: Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure
System: PC
Year: 1994

What better way to start a song than with the roar of a jaguar? I can't think of one. As soon as you hear this song you know you are in for a sweet game through the jungle. I loved this game as a kid, even though it was super hard.

Aquatic Ambiance

Game: Donkey Kong Country
System: Super Nintendo
Year: 1994

One of the most peaceful and calming songs in all of video games, Aquatic Ambience prepares you to enjoy the first water level, rather than hate it. Water levels can be frustrating, but not with this song. I think if I went scuba diving regularly, I'd try to get some underwater headphones so I could listen to this song beneath the waves.

Gerudo Valley

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
System: Nintendo 64
Year: 1998

Zelda: Ocarina of Time is full of great music, and the Gerudo Valley theme is one of the best songs in the game. As you ride your horse into the Gerudo Desert, this song plays, and it perfectly matches the vibe of the mysterious desert.

Treasure Trove Cove Theme

Game: Banjo Kazooie
System: Nintendo 64
Year: 1998

The entire Banjo Kazooie soundtrack is great, this list could easily be filled with Banjo Kazooie songs. But Treasure Trove Cove's theme is one of my favorites. As you can tell from listening, the level is on a beach, with all sorts of great stuff to explore. As you explore the world of Banjo Kazooie, the songs stay the same, but the instruments seamlessly change to fit each area's vibe. This happens on Treasure Trove Cove if you swim under the water, the track is the same, but the instruments are different and quieter, giving a great underwater vibe.

Theme from Morrowind

Game: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
System: PC
Year: 2002

Morrowind's theme gets me psyched to explore, fight monsters, and do whatever I want in the realistic fantasy world of Morrowind. You can hear elements of the theme in later Elder Scrolls games too.

Dire Dire Docks

Game: Super Mario 64
System: Nintendo 64
Year: 1996

Another great song from a water level, Dire Dire Docks is the best song in Super Mario 64. The level itself can be stressful, water levels usually are, but I always look forward to this level because of the music.

Sonic Boom

Game: Sonic CD
System: Sega CD
Year: 1993

The only song in this list with lyrics, Sonic Boom is a great intro song, with a very cool intro video to go with it.

Ballad of the Wind Fish

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
System: Nintendo GameBoy
Year: 1993

Also known as the "Song of Awakening", the Ballad of the Wind Fish is a song in Zelda used to wake up sleeping people. I linked the orchestral version of the song rather than the version from the GameBoy, because it sounds better here, plus I imagine that the GameBoy version was meant to sound like this anyway but was limited due to the sounds it could make.

Final Battle vs Rival

Game: Pokemon Red and Blue
System: Nintendo GameBoy
Year: 1996

Not a song you'd want to listen to for fun, "Final Battle vs Rival" is on the list because it is super intense, and is the perfect 8-bit tune for a surprise battle against your arch-rival. After you are high on beating the "Elite 4" and thinking you've beat the game, suddenly you learn that there is another opponent...your rival. You've faced this jerk many times throughout the game already, and he is always tough, with a pokemon that is strong against yours. Yours are weak from their fight in the "Elite 4", but you have to keep going, while this super cool music plays.

Breath of the Wild Theme

Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
System: Nintendo Wii U
Year: 2017

Breath of the Wild's theme is really cool, and it makes me think of exploring the vast wilderness in the game. It is also kind of spooky, being out on your own, surviving in the wild. This song captures that feeling nicely.

Metroid Prime 2 Title Theme

Game: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
System: Nintendo Gamecube
Year: 2004

The whole Metroid Prime series has great music, and this is one of my favorites. It sets the tone for the game with a sci-fi sound and cool melody.

Jib Jig

Game: Donkey Kong Country 2
System: Super Nintendo
Year: 1995

I don't know why, but I really like this song. I've never played the game, but it is still one of my favorite video game songs.

Staff Roll

Game: Super Mario 64
System: Nintendo 64
Year: 1996

This song plays with the credits after beating Super Mario 64. What a great way to end the game, with a beautiful song. It is sad, because the game is over, but happy because you got to play a video game masterpiece, and the song matches both feelings.

Big Blue

Game: Super Mario Smash Bros Melee (Originally F-Zero)
System: Nintendo Gamecube
Year: 2001

Such a cool song. Upbeat with some fierce guitar-perfect for fighting Nintendo characters. My head instinctively moves to the beat. The original song on F-Zero for Super Nintendo is super cool too, especially with the limitations of the system. But the Gamecube version is my favorite. They re-made the level on Mario Kart 8, but the song there is a cheap knockoff of the Gamecube and Super Nintendo masterpiece.