Top TV Shows of 2019

January 6, 2019

These are my top five TV Shows of 2019. They aren't all from 2019, I just watched them in 2019.

Honorable Mention: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion was on track to be the best show of the year, it was almost there! And then it fell flat on its face toward the end. What started out as an awesome giant robot vs giant monster cartoon, got really weird and dropped to become just an honorable mention. Full review here: Neon Genesis Evangelion Review

Honorable Mention: Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is a sequel to the 1984 The Karate Kid, 30 years later. However, the main character is Johnny Lawrence, the main bully from the original movie. Basically, his life sucks. While out getting some beer one night, he sees a boy getting beat up by some bullies. Johnny Lawrence beats the crap out of the bullies with his karate skills, and saves the boy. The boy convinces Johnny Lawrence to open up a karate dojo. That boy ends up befriending Johnny Lawrence AND the daughter of Daniel LaRusso. When Daniel finds out his daughter is dating a Cobra Kai student, things get interesting...I wish there were more episodes. I can't wait for season 3.

5. The Mandalorian

I was skeptical. There was a lot of hype for this show. Boba Fett was one of my least favorite characters in Star Wars. But I decided to give it a chance. It turns out Boba Fett is not in the show at all, the main character's mask just looks the same. The first episode started off pretty slow, but they got better. It introduced a good cast of new characters in the familiar Star Wars galaxy. The baby Yoda creature was a weird but cool addition too. I ended up really liking the show, and am psyched about Star Wars again. I hope the second season is even better.

4. Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things season one is a masterpiece. It can stand on its own as one of my all time favorites. And I liked season 2 too, so I was really looking forward to season 3. I think the Stranger Things creators are taking the 80's nostalgia a little too far, the mall was cool but not that cool. The plot was weird and just too crazy. How could so many Soviet bad guys really infiltrate Hawkins Indiana after all that went on there? They tried too hard to give Joyce Byers yet another puzzle to figure out with the magnets. The Christmas lights in season one was cool, but they need to stop forcing her to figure out mysteries. Max was really annoying in season three. Lucas's sassy comic-relief sister was too. Oh well, it was still fun to watch. I thought Steve Harrington and Robin were really good in season 3. Stranger Things is not the same masterpiece it was in season one, but still a good show.

3. Umbrella Academy

My mom kept telling me to check out Umbrella Academy. I really didn't want to, I thought it was somehow related to Resident Evil's Umbrella Corp. and I'm just not that interested in non-video game Resident Evil. It turns out that Umbrella Academy has nothing to do with Resident Evil. Basically, it is about a dysfunctional family of super heroes. Every episode was really good, almost like a movie! Depending on how you count, there are seven super heroes in the family, and some great bad guys. Klaus, the hero who can talk to dead people is such a great character. I am so glad I gave the show a chance. I read the comic too, and this is a rare time when the book isn't as good!

2. Schitt's Creek

Netflix was really pushing Schitt's Creek on me, trying to auto-start it each time I would log in. I liked Best In Show a lot, and it has some of the same cast in Schitt's Creek, so I said fine and gave it a chance. The show is about a very rich family who lose everything and have to go live in a hotel in small-town Schitt's Creek. The family is fairly nuts. It sounds like Arrested Development, and while both shows are really funny, they are very different. The family is so out of touch with the reality of normal life, it is so funny watching them try to adjust. I am so glad I gave it a chance.

1. Chernobyl

Ever since doing a chemistry project about Chernobyl in highschool, I have been fascinated by the nuclear disaster. Radiation and nuclear reactors aren't easy subjects, but I think the show does an excellent job explaining exactly what happened to cause the reactor to explode, and the aftermath of that. It is definitely not a documentary, it is a drama-version of what happened. It is pretty scary, but really interesting, and definitely my favorite show of 2019.