10 Years of Mountain Biking

December 21, 2019

It has been 10 years since I started mountain biking. Here is a mini-review of each great year.

After a bike crash. Loving it.


It all started that last week of high school, just hanging out at Andrew's house. Andrew's dad asked if we wanted to come on a bike ride. I was picturing us leisurely riding on a paved bike path, and it didn't sound that fun, but we had nothing better to do. It turned out to be some awesome biking down Pocatello's Cave Trail, with his dad driving us back to the top over and over. I crashed hard, but was absolutely loving it.

The rest of the summer was riding like crazy, Reed shuttling us to the top of hills all over town. Cave Trail, City Creek, Corral Creek. And we went on a great trip to Deer Valley's bike park which was a special treat, and resulted in my largest scar. College was great too with Mountain Bike Mondays taking us to Moscow Mountain. I met Rhys and Luke that year, and they would turn out to be great mountain biking buddies. Rhys and I especially bonded riding our bikes around Moscow, flying down stairs and going off any sort of jump we could find. And to finish off the year, I got a full suspension Giant Yukon FX for Christmas. What a great year.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • All the great new trails
  • Mountain Bike Mondays
  • Moscow Mountain
  • Brand new Bike - Giant Yukon FX
  • Learning that some people actually ride uphill
  • The horrible dead moose smell on Scout Mountain
  • Huge wreck at Deer Valley
  • Andrew Worley
  • Reed Worley
  • Alan Worley
First time in Moab


2010 started with a bang. I had my brand new full suspension bike. The Worleys let me join them on a week long bike trip to the world's ultimate downhill bike park: Whistler, British Columbia. It was my first time out of the country and an absolute blast. The downhill days at the bike park were amazing. The "recovery" days let us get some cross-country riding in. It was an amazing trip.

My family took a vacation that summer too, to Arches and Canyonlands national parks. We stayed in Moab, the world's ultimate cross country mountain bike destination. Ryan and I rented bikes and rode the slickrock trail, it was so hot and so fun. The guidebooks rated the trail as "double black diamond - experts only" so I was pretty nervous to try it. It turned out to be no problem, I guess that makes Ryan and I expert riders.

As if the year couldn't get any better, I got to go back to college in the fall. Rhys was just as psyched on mountain biking as I was, and he had his own car this year, so we got to go to Moscow Mountain whenever we wanted, which was all the time! My all-time best mountain bike memories are with Rhys after class on those cool fall days, exploring Moscow Mountain until dark, and finding our way back to his car. The school cafeteria food tastes even better after a long evening of mountain biking!

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • Whistler
  • Moab
  • Moscow Mountain with Rhys
  • Dad's weekend on Moscow Mountain
  • So many flat tires
  • Rhys Perry
  • Luke
  • Tyler Hargraves
  • Reed Worley
  • Alan Worley
Nemesis bike trail on Moscow Mountain
Snowy day on Moscow Mountain


By 2011 I had the downhilling bug out of my system, and was all about cross country riding. I started the summer off with my first mountain bike race, City Creek Pedalfest. I practiced like crazy leading up for it and ended up getting 3rd place in my division! That summer I also got to ride Moab again, and me and Ryan filmed 128 Hours on the full Slickrock Trail. We also got to ride in Indiana's Brown County State Park and the Worleys took me to the brand new Jackson Hole Bike Park for a fun day of donwhilling--what a great summer! And in the fall, Ryan started school at Moscow. After the intense summer of riding in Pocatello (fairly high elevation) I felt like a super hero on low-elevation Moscow Mountain, showing Ryan all my favorite trails.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • Moab...again!
  • Jackson Hole Bike Park
  • First bike race
  • Riding in Indiana
  • Tanner's crash in the snow
  • No Mountain Bike Mondays due to class
  • Ryan Byers
  • Rhys Perry
  • John Lackey
  • Dylan Brigham
  • Tanner Clarke
The gang after Rhys's concussion
On a night ride
Jumping at Whistler


2012 started out as a great summer of riding. I rode with a big cast of characters that summer: Allen, Mark, Dwells, John, and Dylan. I trained pretty hard for the Pedalfest bike race that summer and entered in the "Sport" group this time, taking 25th place out of 100 people over 17 miles. I thought I would get crushed in the race as the starting line was an absolute madhouse of bikers jockeying for position. Then they all fell away on Over the Top trail...It was a great race, though I was pretty bloody by the end of it. Then later that summer, the Worleys took me to Whistler again! It was great, though I hurt my hands badly on that trip-I ended up getting Cubital Tunnal syndrome, and still have to deal with it on long downhills. It was still a great trip though. One morning the gang left for the mountain without me, I must have woken up late. So I rode from our campsite to the mountain by myself. As I was riding through the woods, I turn a corner and there is a big bear! Me and the bear were both so freaked out! I turned and rode as fast as I could the other way and the bear did the same thing. What a morning!

2012 was a bittersweet year on Moscow mountain. It was amazing but I also knew it was my last schoolyear on the mountain. I definitely made the most of it. Even though I was only 22 years old, I was a grizzled veteran of the mountain. I got to lead a Mountain Bike Monday event, showing new riders the trails. And I made a lot of new mountain biker friends that year, showing them new trails all the time. Of course, I got to ride a few new trails that year too! Private Lands trail was brand new to me and so much fun. I rode it with Rhys, we ate apples, rode the amazing trail, and then ran into Ryan, Kat/Olanna, and Erick afterward. We got the bright idea to jump a big stump, which Rhys crashed on and got a concussion...but we didn't know it! He was acting crazy like Rhys usually does, so we didn't notice anything different about him. Then Kat/Olanna noticed he was weirder than usual. He couldn't remember what trail we rode, what day it was, nothing! We took him to the hospital, and even though that wasn't fun, it was a great day on the mountain.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • Nonstop wheelies all over campus
  • Riding at night with flashlights
  • Whistler
  • Running into a bear
  • Schweitzer bike park
  • Rhys's hillarious concussion
  • Running into an angry moose on Scout Mountain
  • Final Year on Moscow Mountain
  • Cubital Tunnal
  • Reed Worley
  • Alan Worley
  • Rhys Perry
  • Tanner Clarke
A good day on Headwaters trail
Bonneville Shoreline with Teri


2013 was the last spring of riding on Moscow Mountain. I skipped college graduation to do one last big ride with Ryan, that was a great way to spend the last official day as a student in Moscow, I wouldn't want it any other way. That summer I became friends with Mary Jane and we rode a lot, doing the City Creek and Scout Mountain trails super early before work in the mornings. Then, I started my new job in Salt Lake City. Of course I brought my bike. One of my first weekends in Utah, Shay and Mark came down and we rode in Moab for a weekend. And I got to explore new trails in Utah all summer.

I started going to a new church in Salt Lake and my very first time I sat next to a random lady. There was a "greet-your-neighbor" before the sermon started and this random lady invited me to go mountain biking. I couldn't believe it, how did she know I liked to ride? But I said yes and me and Teri have been good friends ever since.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • Utah's Trails
  • Moab with Mark and Shay
  • Seeing tarantulas on the trails
  • Leaving Moscow Mountain
  • Mary Jane
  • Teri Fostvedt
Slickrock Trail with Wesley


I moved to Louisiana in 2014 and the first thing I did was find some bike trails. Hooper Park, Comite Park, and The Beast all proved to be fun. I would see snakes on every single ride, it was awesome. Running into a Water Mocassin and a Copperhead was fairly terrifying though. I was just psyched that there was mountain biking all the way down in Louisiana.

When I moved back to Utah I got a fancy new carbon fiber mountain bike and started riding with Teri again. We did a bike ride to the top of Park City, which turned out to be my all-time worst ride--I got altitude sickness. It was at about 9000 feet elevation, which normally isn't so bad, but having spent the past few months at Baton Rouge's 20 feet elevation, I wasn't used to it. That fall I went and rode Moab's Slickrock trail with Wesley, first time ever not riding it in the heat of summer.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • New Bike
  • Cool Snakes on Every Louisiana Ride
  • Moab with Wesley
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Scary Snakes on Every Louisiana Ride
  • Teri Fostvedt
  • Wesley O'Bryan
A Park City ride with Teri


2015 was a good, if average bike year. Just a lot of riding around Utah.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • A full year back in Utah
  • None
  • Teri Fostvedt


2016 was another great and average bike year. A lot of riding with Teri in Park City and Salt Lake, especially the Bonneville Shoreline.I also got to ride Antelope Island's trails for the first time.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • New Trails on Antelope Island
  • None
  • Teri Fostvedt


Both of my bikes were stolen in 2017 which was a huge bummer. Thankfully renters insurance covered them and I got to replace them with new Giants. Of course, the Yukon FX is my all-time favorite bike so that will never be truly replaced, but I am happy with the replacement. It was still a good year of riding too, especially as I rode the Wasatch Crest trail--possibly my favorite trail in Utah--for the first time.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • Cool new bike
  • Wasatch Crest Trail
  • Bikes stolen
  • Teri Fostvedt
With Chad on the Wasatch Crest over Pioneer Day. A new tradition


Teri broke her arm at the very start of the season, a horrible break. Thankfully, it was still a good riding season with Chad. We rode all over Salt Lake, including parts of the shoreline that were brand new to me. We also did the Wasatch Crest trail on Pioneer day, which has turned into a tradition.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • New parts of the shoreline
  • Teri's Broken Arm
  • The horrible trail behind the capitol building
  • Chad Poll


2019 started off with a bang. Teri was finally healed so we rode our classic shoreline trail ride as soon as we could. Heading east all was normal, there was a storm at our backs way in the distance, but no big deal. When we turned around to head back though, we saw the storm was coming really fast. It was one of those scary late spring lightning storms, with constant lightning. I've never rode the trail so fast in my life, we were flying back to the cars, and made it just in time before the storm got to us. I rode the Wasatch Crest trail twice in 2019, and rode the entire thing both times, Puke Hill and The Spine, no problem. And to finish the riding season I got to ride the new downhill trails above Draper for the first time.

HighlightsLowlightsMVBF (Most Valuable Bike Friends)
  • Outran the lightning on Bonneville shoreline
  • Rode entire Wasatch Crest trail twice
  • New trails in Draper
  • Super rainy Spring
  • Close call with a Rattlesnake
  • Teri Fostvedt
  • Chad Poll