Top 10 Games You Keep With Your Board Games That Aren't Board Games

April 16, 2019

This is a list of my top 10 favorite non-board games. These are the games that you keep with your board games, but aren't board games. My list of top 10 board games can be found here.

10. 7 Wonders

7 Wonders barely makes the cut. Normally I don't like card games because people get too in-the-zone and they aren't a very social activity, as people just focus on their cards. But 7 Wonders is just social enough to be fun.

9. Kerplunk

Everyone seems amazed by Kerplunk. You pick sticks out of a tower and hope the marbles don't fall. Easier to pick up than Jenga. Quick game, and fun.

8. Yahtzee

A fun dice game, I love getting a Yahtzee.

7. Connect Four

I get stressed out just thinking about it! A great strategy game!

6. Secret Hitler

Who is Hitler? Who is a Nazi? It's hard to tell! A great party game!

5. Scattergories

Scattergories sounds so lame, but is one of the best games. People always freak out and nullify each other's answers. That is part of the fun. It is almost like a window into someone's brain too!

4. Bop-It Extreme

Bop It extreme

Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Flick it! Spin it! It was always kind of scary when someone would jostle the games and suddenly you'd hear Twist it! Yeeaoow! But Bop-It Extreme was awesome. Way better than the original, because the original wouldn't always register a bop, and you'd miss the high score. Extreme added the two new things and was just a fun, weird game.

3. Twister


I loved playing Twister. Getting tied up in a knot is just a fun thing to do. Adults are too weird about it to play, plus they smell bad up close and are usually too out of shape to even get a single move in. Twister is awesome and named after a great movie.

2. Speed


Speed? Spit? I don't know its official name, but its a lightning fast card game! Rules here

1. 6 Card


Everyone has some favorite card game that they think is the best, but they are all wrong. 6 Card is the ultimate card game. Part luck, part skill, lots of strategies, and really easy to learn. Will you be crazy and collect queens since no one else wants them? Or will you play it safe and hope for low cards? It is a game for risk takers, and my favorite. Rules are here, I guess the game is also known as "Golf".

My custom rules: