Months of the Year - Ranked

September 14, 2018

12. March

March is officially the worst month of the year. It wasn't an easy choice. All the months have something I like about them. But March really is the worst. It is SUPPOSED to be Spring, but that doesn't stop March from snowing. Normally, snow would be exciting, but by March people are ready for it to go away. Some people claim to like "Spring Skiing", and while I agree it is fun skiing while the days grow longer, the snow is at its worst in March. It melts during the day and freezes at night, making for some sketchy conditions. And if you aren't spring skiing in March, it is too muddy to do anything else! It is hard to choose a coat in March too, winter coats might be too hot, but light jackets might not be enough.

11. February

When I think of February, I think of walking home from school in the slush. It is the grossest way to walk home. Your shoes and pants get soaked, it isn't fun to play in. People are ready for winter to be over by the time February rolls around. I think Valentine's Day was put in February to give people something to look forward to, to make them forget the slushy, inversion-filled month that is February. February can be great, I've had some great snow days in February, but overall, people just want February to end. And why does it have that stupid "r" in the word February?

10. January

"How could January be ranked 10th?" you might be thinking. After all, it starts with a huge bang! I disagree, January 1st starts with sleeping in and being tired from staying up so late the night before. Then you realize the big string of holidays-Veterans, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years- is over, and there aren't any big ones coming up for a long time. I always forget what year it is in January. It is cold, the days are short. But January can have great snow, and NBA basketball season is at its peak in January which is fun too. You can finally enjoy winter on its own in January, not as an element of Christmas.

9. November

November likes to pretend it is winter, getting cold and snowing some. But I can see through it, November is definitely fall. It is a cozy month, as the nights get long, and school sports have usually ended, so people have more time to hang out inside which is fun. Stores have really ruined November though, by bombarding shoppers with tons of Christmas stuff way too early. Thanksgiving is fun to look forward to, and it is fun knowing that winter and Christmas are ahead. Thanksgiving break is like an amazing preview of Winter Break for students, it is so exiciting have some days off school, no sports or practice to be at, knowing that an even bigger break is coming soon!

8. April

"April showers bring May flowers". Those April showers are what put it at #8. On the one hand, it rains too much in April, and it makes going outside hard. On the other hand, it is still fun. You can go out in the rain, see the snails speeding along, and loving the nice, wet weather. April is when things really start to get nice. April is the worst time of the year for school, because as the weather gets nicer, it becomes harder and harder to focus on schoolwork. I remember having tons of homework, studying at my dorm, and hearing fun stuff going on outside, soccer games and ultimate frisbee in the sun. It is so hard to stay focused in April.

7. May

May, like April, is way too hard to study in. The weather begins getting super nice. The temperature starts to heat up, but it is a tease. May likes to think it is a summer month, but I still consider it spring. It isn't hot enough to enjoy jumping into water. The snow melting in May just makes it too cold. But school ends in May, which is hugely awesome.

6. September

September is awesome. Some kids might hate it, as school starts and summer ends, but that is part of the fun of September. School sports get going, the nights get cool and feel great. There is an exciting feeling in the air, as you know kids all over town are at games or practices, getting ready for soccer, football, cross-country or whatever. And the days are still nice in September! State fairs happen, you get to see your school friends again and make new ones, there is just a lot of fun going on in September.

5. October

Even though it only ranks at number 5, October has a great vibe. Halloween is there waiting for you at the end, and all sorts of creepy stuff help you build up to it. The trees change and lose their leaves. The air has a chill. Suddenly there are pumpkins all over the place to be carved, and corn mazes to get lost in. I love corn mazes, haunted ones too. It is such a perfect October thing to do. It is fun bundling up and going to a sporting event, I think the cold air somehow makes them more fun.

4. December

December is easily one of the best. Obviously, Christmas is one of the best holidays. And Christmas break is an amazing time for kids in school. It lasts so long and you can really enjoy it because you don't have any homework! Snow falls, people are getting excited to watch Christmas movies and eat gingerbread cookies. You can really start skiing or snowboarding. And a lot of the biggest movies of the year come out in December. It is such a great month.

3. June

Summer finally gets started in June. It is such a relief. No more school, and you have three whole months of summer to enjoy. You can go to the beach, be sweaty outside, and you have so long to enjoy the outside with the days so long! And even when the nights finally come, they are warm, so you don't have to go inside! June is such a great month to be a kid in.

2. July

July is like June, but better. I can't explain it, it is hotter, but better. July is the best time to be at the beach, it makes the water so appealing. My family's vacations always seemed to be at the end of July, that has something to do with it. It is so fun being on vacation, not having any school to worry about. Plus sports are still a month or two away in July, so you are really free to do whatever you want. School isn't on your mind yet, you can fully enjoy the summer.

1. August

The number one spot goes to August. August is the peak of summer, it is still nice and hot...but you know in the back of your mind that school is coming. When you are so tired and curled up and want to go to sleep so badly, but you can't, because you know you have to do the dishes is when you are truly the coziest. August is like that. You are really just trying to enjoy it that much more because you know you have to go to school soon. The nights cool down in August, which is so nice. Staying out late with your friends, playing Ghost in the Graveyard at night is so fun. And even though school is isn't a horrible feeling. By August, I would be getting excited for the new year, wondering what classes I would have and getting excited to get my school supply list. School sometimes even starts at the end of August, but that start of school August vibe is really enjoyable, especially at college, because it is still nice enough to play outside with all of your friends! August easily is #1.