Ways to play Goldeneye in 2018

October 4, 2018


If you read my Top 10 FPS Games Review, you'll know Goldeneye 64 is one of my all-time favorites. It was such a blast to play both multi-player and single-player mode. Along with Super Smash Bros, it was the ultimate 90's video game for a fun party with friends. Want to relive those great times and play Goldeneye today? You could dust off your Nintendo 64 and play it the old fashioned way...hopefully you have an old-school CRT TV set somewhere, N64 games look really weird on modern TVs. And of course, you better hope your Nintendo 64 controllers still have tight joysticks. If you can't play it on an old N64, you have a few options.

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent (BAD option)

Goldeneye Rogue Agent cover

You might think with a title like Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, that this game has something to do with Goldeneye 64. Sadly, it has nothing in common besides being a James Bond themed game. I was excited to try it back in the Gamecube days, and it was a let down. It has bland gameplay and is pretty forgettable. If you do want a good Gamecube-era Bond game, I recommend James Bond: Agent Under Fire or James Bond: Nightfire instead.

Goldeneye Reloaded (Mediocre option)

Goldeneye Reloaded cover

Goldeneye Reloaded is a 2010 Wii and PS3 game that is also named Goldeneye...and has nothing to do with the Nintendo 64 game either. It is like a modern-day Bond game, that has a few references to the original. It plays like a Call of Duty game instead. Though it does have some fun levels, (the Nightclub was a cool idea) I can't recommend this at all if you are in the mood for some real Goldeneye.

Goldeneye Source (GREAT Multiplayer option)

Goldeneye Source Logo

Goldeneye Source is an excellent fan-made game that remakes Goldeneye 64's multiplayer using Valve's Source Engine. You can tell right away that it is a Source game, but it really feels like Goldeneye 64 too, with the weird controls and weapons. A lot of hard work went into Goldeneye Source. The maps are excellent remakes of the originals, plus some new maps that weren't in the original's multiplayer mode. And the music is great too. This game is a lot of fun, with fast paced action just like in the original. And the game is free! You just have to have the Source Engine on your computer, which comes with games like Counter Strike and Half Life 2. Online multiplayer is great, and it is so nice to have a full screen to yourself rather than have people cheating in split screen mode seeing your screen on the TV.

Goldeneye 64 in the 1964 Emulator (GREAT Single Player option)

If you are craving the great single player Goldeneye, look no further than the 1964 Emulator. This is an emulator specifically designed for playing the original Goldeneye and Perfect Dark games on a PC. And it does an excellent job. Typically with an emulator, you have to settle for a glitchy experience, with awkward controls and graphics at a weird resolution. 1964 instead gives you incredible mouse and keyboard support, just like you would expect for a modern PC first person shooter. And it does a beautiful wide-screen mode for modern monitors and laptop screens. The game is still the original Goldeneye (you must find the game separately from the emulator), but it plays so smoothly. This is definitely my recommended way to play Goldeneye single-player now.

Give Goldeneye Source and the 1964 emulator a try, they are both great ways to play Goldeneye on a modern PC.