My Top 10 Favorite Halo Maps

November 13, 2019

Some of my best high school memories are Halo parties. They were the best way to spend a Friday night. Staying up all night with your friends, with a nutritious Halo meal--Habenero Doritos and Mountain Dew. It doesn't get much better than that. Halo parties were great because you were all there together, the way multiplayer should be played. And it was better than the N64 days where you were limited to four players. A Halo party could do 16! This usually meant two rooms of teams, yelling at each other across the hall.

There are a TON of Halo maps, but these are my top 10.

Honorable Mention: Ascension

Halo 2

Whenever this map would get picked, some people would cheer and the rest would groan, definitely a polarizing map. I never really understood what was going on with the rotating machine in the center, but it was fun blasting people around it with shotguns.

Honorable Mention: Lockout

Halo 2

A great map, definitely one of the most popular, it seems like I've played it a thousand times.

10. Valhalla

Halo 3

Valhalla was one of the Halo 3 beta maps, and my first taste of the Spartan Laser, one of the best video game weapons ever. So satisfying to blast someone with it! The level is fun, but a little too big and always felt a little cold.

9. Foundation

Halo 2

This map is small, symmetrical, and kind of boring. Just a boxed area with a few rooms. But I have good memories playing this level with one player as a beam-sword wielding zombie, while everyone else hides. I think it caused some fights...

8. Standoff

Halo 3

A DLC Map. I loved when DLC would come out, it was so exciting. One of Halo's strengths was big, outdoor levels and Standoff is a good one. Big map with fun vehicle and grenade fight possibilities, but with lots of rooms to hide in as well.

7. Sandtrap

Halo 3

Sandtrap wouldn't normally make the list, it is too big and confusing and sandy. But Sandtrap also has the coolest vehicle in the game...the Elephant! A whole team could get on the slow moving Elephant and try to hold out against the other team, like a game of Mad Max! Bad guys would be zooming up next to you on Warthogs, Mongooses, whatever, and it was so exciting trying to fend them off!

6. Sanctuary

Halo 2

Another DLC map. I don't remember much about this map other than I really liked its vibe.

5. Snowbound

Halo 3

Another map from the Halo 3 beta. For whatever reason, most of my memories of this map also have Soulja Boy's "Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" song with the jamaican drums playing in the background, I guess that was the big song of 2007. Normally it was Linkin Park and Trapt's Headstrong playing with Halo. Anyway, this map was awesome. A desolate snowy wasteland, perfect to run around in, with lots of tunnels under the snow for hiding from snipers. A great map.

4. Blood Gulch/Coagulation

Halo 1 and 2

The classic Halo level. A huge canyon. A base on each side. Tons of guns and vehicles to fight with. It really showed off Halo as a next-gen game, being able to zoom around the map in a Warthog. One of the best capture-the-flag levels.

3.The Pit

Halo 3

Maybe it is my Poky Pride showing, but I really like The Pit. It has everything. A beam sword, close quarters fighting, sniping from across the level. Definitely a great close-quarters map, without being too big. Almost perfect.

2. Zanzibar/Last Resort

Halo 2 and 3

Another classic Halo level, with the super cool giant wheel spinning in the middle. What is the point of the wheel? I don't know, but it makes for some fun multiplayer. Zanzibar has a beach to explore (but don't swim in it!)

1. High Ground

Halo 3

My all time favorite Halo level. I liked fighting on the beach, in the cave, breaking into the base, zooming around on a ghost. It is a good outdoor level with a fun base to explore and take over. Not too big, and really easy to learn. A lot of the Halo maps just seem like the same corridors over and over again and they are so hard to learn. Not High Ground, it is the best Halo level.

I still remember most people's Xbox gamertags:

I had a great time playing with you guys!