Desert Island Food Court Choices

John and Kaylynn Byers, March 10, 2018

If you were stranded on a desert island, and could design your own food court for the island, what would you choose?


You get ten choices of restaurants for your food court. They can be chain restaurants, or not, but they have to be food-court style restaurants. Nothing slow or sit-down. This is a desert island food court, not a desert island with restaurants. Also, at the desert island food court, there is one drink area with eight slots for drinks. You have to choose eight drinks also.

John's Picks

1. Fazolis (Italian)

Fazolis has gone out of business most places, and I miss it a lot. Their lasagna, spaghetti, and fettucine alfredo were awesome. The Pocatello, ID Fazolis is now a Verizon store, so I guess that is almost as good.

2. My Thai (Thai)

My Thai in Salt Lake City is good, fast Thai food. Their curries are the best. Sadly, most are too spicy for me, but their Chicken Yellow Curry and Pork Pineapple Curry aren't too spicy, and are out of this world. Recommended by a Thai, so I think it is authentic too.

3. Chick-Fil-A (Chicken)

Picking a chicken place isn't easy. There are so many great ones to choose from. Chick-Fil-A may be generic, but they have the best spicy chicken sandwhich. Load it up with extra pickles, and its perfect.

4. Faye's Subs and Salads

This downtown Baton Rouge sandwich shop is awesome. Their "Super" sandwich (Ham, Salami, Cappacola, Cheese) was so good, I think there may have been a secret ingredient involved, because I haven't been able to replicate it. Faye's also had baked Doritos, which I haven't been able to find anywhere else. A perfect side for a perfect sandwich.

5. Curry and Kabobs (Indian/Afghani)

This quick downtown Salt Lake City indian place has my favorite chicken tikka masala. Their veggie curry is awesome too. Sadly, a lot of people have found this restaurant, so it gets pretty crowded, but it would be perfect on my desert island.

6. Jambalaya Shoppe

The Jambalaya Shoppe in downtown Baton Rouge is amazing, and quick! Their Jambalya is unforgettable, especially if you top it with some gumbo. Add some corn and green beans on the side, and its a perfect meal.

7. Rolberto's (Mexican)

Pocatello's Rolberto's has a sketchy exterior, but their burritos are the best. They make the best Texano burrito, and are famous for their breakfast burritos. The red salsa there makes it all even better.

8. Sadaf Cafe (Greek)

I'm not sure exactly what kind of meat they have twisting around their oven, but whatever it is, its awesome. Mixed with some rice and potatoes on the side, its the best Greek I've ever had.

9. McDonalds

McDonald's needs no description, their Big Mac is one of the best burgers in the world. Chicken Nuggets are another great option. Definitely belongs in my food court.

10. Tosh's Ramen

This strange Salt Lake City ramen restaurant doesn't make cups of noodles from the store. Tosh's Ramen is special. Tonkotsu (pork I think) ramen is amazing, and the Karai Ramen is spicy and amazing.


Kaylynn's Picks

1. Pita Pit

The ultimate sandwich place. Even though they serve pitas, not sandwiches.

2. Quizno's

Another great sandwich place. For when you want something good, but not subway.

3. Chick Fil A

They have the best waffle fries. And chicken comes with it!

4. Cafe Rio

This fast food Mexican place stands out among the numerous clones. Great burritos and tostada salad.

5. Jack in the box

Great chicken place, and one we can't get in Utah! Thankfully, it will always be available at the desert island food court.

6. My Thai

It's hard to beat their chicken yellow curry. Simple, but good.

7. Curry and Kabobs

Their veggie curry and chicken tikka masala have the best sauce. Seems like a good, healthy choice.

8. Subway

For when you need a classic turkey sandwich, Subway won't let you down.

9. Rubios

Weirdly, they serve good fish tacos. Probably fresh at the desert island food court.

10. Hot Dog on a Stick

It is kind of difficult to consider this a restaurant, as they only have corn dogs, but its a great addition to any food court.