Top 10 Board Games

April 16, 2019

This is a list of my top 10 favorite board games. This is board games only. My list of top 10 other games can be found here.

10. Vegas Showdown

Starting off the list is Vegas Showdown. You have to build and design a convenient casino, while not over-bidding on the best attractions. Even though it isn't part of the game, I like picking a casino theme for my casino while I play. If I had my own casino I would definitely have Magic the Gathering, Duel Masters, and other non-casino games available to play. Of course, we'd have to figure out how to stack those games in the casino's favor.

9. Candy Land

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Even though it is a kid game, I like Candy Land. It is simple, quick, and has fun characters on the board.

8. Tsuro


Total chaos, zooming on twisty lines trying not to hit the edge of the board. Sometimes it is fun to strategize, but it is also fun to just wing-it and see what happens. Easy to learn, easy to play, a great game!

7. Pokemon Master Trainer

The coolest Pokemon game. You just go around, collecting pokemon, trying to get the best team to fight the elite four. There isn't much to it. Takes too long to set up, but a fun game. We had to implement a new rule at our house, no trades. My brother flipped the board after having to trade is Mewtwo for a Caterpie!

6. Chess

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Chess, while popular with nerds, is one of my favorites. So many ways to play.

5. Risk


Risk used to be my favorite. I loved how long it took, getting a huge army and taking over the world. I don't like to play it anymore, because I don't have the patience. At our house we played that we started out with random countries. I like other Risk variations too, Lord of the Rings Risk and futuristic Risk are both awesome.

4. Parcheesi


Parcheesi is hard to describe. Got to get your animals home quickest! It is similar to "Sorry" or "Trouble", but you'll be sorry if you choose them over Parcheesi. I have dibs on the green water buffalo.

3. Max

Max is a co-op game. You have to save the little animals from being eaten by Max, the cat. Everyone is on a team, and it is so scary when Max gets close! There is a guarantee someone will think the catnip is marijuana and laugh about it.

2. 3D Blokus

Like a super 3D tetris, blocking your opponents with tetris pieces. Will you snake your way through and stay in the game? Or will you try to wall off and blokus everyone out? Such an awesome game, it is too bad they don't make it anymore.

1. Chinese Checkers

My all-time favorite. The more the merrier, I love playing with a totally packed board, and finding a super long jump. Quicker than chess and easier for a big group.